Holistic Providers

Lisa Brice

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a Reiki Master and a Certified BodyTalk practitioner

Lisa Brice is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a Reiki Master and a Certified BodyTalk practitioner. She has practiced as a psychotherapist for over 25 years . She considers herself to be an integrative therapist who combines all she has learned to balance the “whole” person. Her work is about understanding the psychology of the body and the profound influence it has on your health. Instead of focusing on symptoms, her sessions help to identify the underlying causes of illness and address the whole person and their unique story to bring about natural healing.

BodyTalk is a consciousness based health care system that accelerates the healing process. In order to maintain optimal health, every cell in the body must be in constant communication with each other. When communication breaks down in the body/mind due to stress, trauma and illness, the ability to self heal is compromised. BodyTalk offers a unique cutting edge, non-invasive approach to search below the surface, to reveal contributing factors that are causing an imbalance in the body/mind.

Every choice and every experience has contributed to your current state of health. Each scar, each laugh line, experience and injury has its own story. During a session Lisa will provide insights as to the areas of the body that need attention. With the use of structured intuition, neuro-muscular feedback, and non-invasive techniques, Lisa will help reestablish better communication in the body and refocus your body’s natural healing response.

Balancing the mind/body/spirit connection, while also addressing limiting beliefs, the BodyTalk system is very powerful in the field of personal development and spiritual growth.Many clients find an increase in overall wellness and happiness in all aspects of their lives. Lisa sees clients of all ages.