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Nikki White

Personal Coach & Hypnotherapist
Body Therapy Center

25 Florida Park Drive
Palm Coast, FL  32137
email: center_change@yahoo.com 

Working from a position of wellness not illness, Nikki brings a wide range of skills and expertise to help guide her clients in the clarification of their own unique situations.  She helps them to evaluate their options and to develop a clear focus toward their goals, while coaching them through life’s transitions.

Using hypnosis, Nikki teaches how to use the unconscious mind to reduce stress, for individual renewal and to change habits that interfere in personal growth and health.  Skills training is done on an individual basis or through a wide variety of self-improvement topics such as: stress management; building self-esteem and confidence; coping strategies, problem-solving and decision-making; handling fears and rejection; and setting boundaries and assertiveness techniques.

Nikki graduated from Northern Illinois University with a B.S. in Education and an M.S. in Elementary Guidance and Counseling.  She started her career as a teacher and guidance counselor, but her life began to move in other directions.

Nikki was licensed as a Marriage, Family and Child Therapist in California for seventeen years.  She has also been a corporate trainer and done family and civil mediation with training at the Academy of Dispute Resolution in both areas of law.

For the last several years, Nikki has been a mental health therapist and hypnotherapist.  She has studied her craft at the Hypnosis Center and Counseling Alternatives.

In addition, Nikki has been a boat captain, business owner, re-employment specialist and Fresh Start Instructor at Daytona State College.


Personal Coaching: provides an opportunity for individuals and groups to identify personal problems, issues, or other areas of concern in a safe, confidential environment with the clear goal of resolving them.  Living has many challenges both physical and emotional. There are useful skills that a person may or may not have, that can be learned and/or utilized to acquire confidence in managing their well being in all situations.

Hypnosis: utilizes an altered state of conscious to bypass the critical factor of the conscious mind and establish acceptable selective thinking. This service can be used to problem solve in a therapeutic situation as well as to correct bad habits that are affecting one’s life. It can also be taught as self-hypnosis to modify feelings of fear, worry, and general distress when encountering difficult situations like chemotherapy and radiation treatments for cancer.

Mediation: provides conflict resolution to persons in personal relationships whether at home, at work, or in their community.

Nikki White
Center for Change